Positive Reframing

feeling good

As we head into week three of social distancing, I for one feel quite restless. I find myself torn between settling into a new routine and wanting to get back to normal. Many of us find ourselves with more quiet time than normal. This means time to sit in our thoughts, which can lead to more anxiety and worry.

We’ve talked about the importance of accepting our feelings (positive and negative), rather than pushing them away or concealing them.  I want to share a timely podcast from Dr. David Burns. Dr. Burns will deliver a series of podcasts addressing emotional health during the pandemic. I use many of his TEAM Therapy tools in my practice. In this week’s podcast, he demonstrates a powerful technique called “Positive Reframing” to help us accept the anxious, fearful, angry, and helpless feelings many are experiencing.

He talks about the importance of honoring those feelings. Sometimes we think that something is wrong with us for feeling anxious or discouraged. However, often those feelings point to what is just right about us.  The podcasts run 30-60 minutes so they’re great for a walk or jog. If you are struggling, I hope you find this podcast helpful and become a fan. This link goes to his Feeling Good Website, but you can also listen on Spotify or Apple Music… Scroll down to the point where you can press play (below the text).

Enjoy and stay safe!!!

Chris Guzniczak

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

Under Supervision of Tiffany Smith LPC-S, LMFT-S, NCC

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